Korsando is a development company, which has been actively working on territory of Ukraine since 2006. For the period of its activity the company has implemented six projects in real estate sector. Successful projects submitting and planned profit rate receiving by the company appear to be an acknowledgement of its competitiveness and compliance with the market requirements and tendencies.
6 years on the Ukrainian market
88 900 000 $ of total investment
74 000 m2 of total area
37% average IRR
776 hectares of land-bank

We create an additinal value of objects in our portfolio due to efficient and flexible approach to the object management, financially reasonable time for project  initiation and submission, and also due to the qualified team, which has got over 8 years of work experience in the sector of real estate. Considering above-mentioned methods we claim with confidence  that we know how to cretae a successful project in various phases of life cycle of the market, how to optimize project costs below the average market level and to increase the profitability to the level, which would exceed the average market rates accordingly.


Since 2009 two segments of commercial real estate market have been of strategical interest for the company: retail and the office segment. Today we are interested in: the office segment of Kiev, as the most relevant segment of commercial real estate market, which is also showing cyclicity and is corresponding to both macroeconomic trends and to dynamics of business activity on the market.


In retail segment we invest in objects with high commercial potential on the market, both in central and western parts of Ukraine.


Our goal is to create quality and reliable real estate according to market expectations from one side, and provide high rates of return for our co-investors and shareholders from the other side.

Housing complex with integrated office premises
Kyiv, Kruglouniversitetskaya str., 5-7
IRR: 48%
cash-on-cash return: 1,4x
status: completed
Korsando City
Druzhnya village, of Borodyanskiy district
IRR: 33%
cash-on-cash return: 4,3x
status: in project portfolio
BC "Тorus"
Kyiv, Glybochitskaya str., 17
IRR: 30%
cash-on-cash return: 2,8x
status: in project portfolio
8 regions of Western Ukraine
IRR: 32%
cash-on-cash return: 3x
status: in project portfolio