Successful work experience in the commercial real estate development sphere Korsando is determined by efficient combination of high-class team, and also by ability to use the accumulated knowledges and market trends, transforming them into investment opportunities and commercial potential during the project realization.
  • analysing the most appropriate exploitation of ground area


  • land management services and technical conditions and raw data origination services


  • project budgeting


  • architectural projecting support (outline and working draft), as well as support of preparatory works on the ground area and in-line documentation preparation (demolition of existing constructions, enclosure mounting, demolition of plantation, test pile cluster, temporary pipelines and networks)


  • preparation of project and project documentation ("preconstruction" and "project" stages), as well as support of project documentation approval works


  • object construction support (including inviting tenders for general contractor selection), engineering supervision of the construction, and execution of pipelines and networks provision works on the object


  • putting object into operation and support of property rights registration for the object


  • elaboration of measures for project expenses optimization and operational project administration strategies